Honest Stone Veneer Prices

Honest Stone Veneer Prices

The look is naturally gorgeous. The easy-install technology is essential. And the price is much more competitive than most people would ever think was possible. Since we know that costs are an important part of planning any home project, we’re sharing our average stone veneer prices and estimates of what average projects may cost.

At Affinity Stone, we build screw-on stone veneer that looks incredible in both exterior and interior spaces. Check our average stone veneer prices, see estimates for popular projects, and discover the smart benefits that make it perfect for you!

Our Average Stone Veneer Price Per Square Foot

While we prefer to promote our signature stone veneer on how realistic it looks and how it takes 80% less time to install, we know we can compete on price, too. On average, our stone veneer price per square foot is between $12 and $20. This price range holds consistent regardless of the texture, pattern, or the stone veneer color you choose. From our market research, we’re proud to say that Affinity Stone veneer prices tend to be equal to or less than other luxury stone companies. Keep reading to see what that stone veneer price per square foot means for the budget of popular home projects.

How Much Does Stone Veneer Cost for Your Project?

Now that you know our stone veneer price per square foot, you can start to estimate your project. If you’re wondering how much does stone veneer cost for how you plan to use it, the best bet is to break out the measuring tape. However, if you want an idea right now, these ballpark estimates should help.

stone veneer price per square foot Exterior Vertical Accents — Approximately $500 to $750 Per Accent

These vertical accents provide an immediate flair and are often installed around windows or a garage door. This can be a fantastic and subtle way to bring the beauty of stone to almost any home or exterior. Since you are enhancing the narrow pieces around individual elements of your home, it will keep the stone veneer cost lower than with some other projects.

how much does stone veneer cost Indoor Fireplace — Approximately $700 to $1,500

This renovation can bring new excitement to one of your main living spaces and make your fireplace the star of your home décor. Generally, designers choose to accessorize the entire wall around the fireplace with the manufactured stone panel of their choice.

stone veneer prices for interior wall Full Interior Accent Wall — Approximately $1,500 to $3,000

By dedicating a full interior wall to the stone, you create an unforgettable feel that goes far beyond simply painting one of your walls an accent color. The stone veneer price for this will differ dramatically based on the size of the wall you’re updating.

exterior stone veneer price per square foot Horizontal Exterior Accent — $2,500 to $5,000

This is one of the most common projects where we hear the question, “How much does stone veneer cost?” — however, it is also one of the most challenging to estimate. The two big factors that come into play here are the size of your home, and if you want to cover the entire façade in stone or only use it for wainscoting. In general, though, this is both one of the most popular projects as well as one of the more expensive ones.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our project gallery!

Get Exact Stone Veneer Prices

We hope that by giving you honest stone veneer prices per square foot, we are able to help you feel comfortable to get started planning your project. The first step is finding where you can buy Affinity Stone products near you.

  • First, please enter your zip code on our dealer lookup. If there is an official Affinity Stone dealer in your area, you will be able to reach out to them to do your shopping.
  • On the other hand, if your area doesn’t yet have an official dealer, we ask you to please fill out our contact form at the bottom of this web page. Our team will work with you on what to do next!

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