Screw On Stone Veneer: Advantages & Styles

Screw On Stone Veneer: Advantages & Styles

The twenty-first century way to bring stone to you or your customers’ homes — screw on stone veneer provides smart benefits and breathtaking style. That’s why this innovative style of stone panels has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and the home contractors who serve them. In today’s blog, we’re breaking down what makes these panels a gamechanger while showing off our unique designs.

At Affinity Stone, we manufacture mortarless stone veneer for both exterior and interior spaces. Our stone is a popular choice among professionals who have done their research and explored all of their options. Keep reading to see why screw on stone veneer is quickly becoming the most popular way to install stone siding — and discover what makes Affinity Stone the name to know.

5 Benefits of Screw On Stone Panels That Matter to Contractors

Once, installing beautiful stone veneer to a home, a barn, or a business was a masonry project, requiring use of mortar to attach the stone pieces. Now, there’s a better way to achieve this gorgeous look. These are the 5 reasons that contractors (and homeowners) should switch over to our screw on stone panels:

  1. Savings in Time — Time is money, and our screw on stone panels help you save tons of it. On average, installing screw on panels takes approximately 80% less time. This is due to the extremely intuitive snap-in-place features of our pieces. The easy install not only makes your job easier, but it makes projects with stone veneer more profitable for you.

    See just how easy our stone veneer installation is for everyone.
  2. Install in All Weather — There’s nothing worse than having to postpone or even cancel a day of work because of the weather. You can’t install mortar on a really hot day or during particularly wet weather — which means the wrong weather can keep you from finishing a job for days. Screw on options can be installed in all weather, rain or shine, hot or cold.
  3. Panels Stay Attached — Here’s an advantage of screw on stone veneer that makes a huge difference to you and your customers alike. If you dry stack veneer for the in-style mortarless look, it has the tendency to fall or pop off a flat surface. Not only will pieces popping off their homes frustrate your customers, but going back to fix it eats into your time. All of our panels are securely screwed into the surface and are guaranteed to stay attached while providing the mortarless look!

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  4. Don’t Need to Hire a Mason — While some home contactors have skill in performing masonry work on their own, many have to outsource the work to local masons. Not only does bringing on another team cut into your profits on the project, but it also complicates the work schedule and timeline. When you trust screw on stone panels for your veneer option (which never requires a mason), you are in complete control of everything.
  5. Column Kit Options — One other reason in particular to choose Affinity’s screw on stone panels is that we also build corresponding stone column wraps. These column kits make bringing gorgeous stone cladding to porch posts easy and intuitive. The colors and décor of our column kits match our panels, so pairing them together is perfect!

Check Out Our Gorgeous Designs

Not only are our screw on stone panels a practical choice that save you time and money, but they look absolutely gorgeous, too. Our panels come in multiple textures and in a wide range of colors. You can find our pieces in every shade from white-gray to rich copper to dark gray — see our stone veneer colors right here.

Our panels have been used to complete a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces — see just a few of the beautiful looks:

Get Prices on Screw On Stone Veneer

If you’re ready to upgrade to a line of screw on stone veneer, we’d love to work with you. If you have a store in your area that carries Affinity Stone, simply check out our products on their shelves — see if there is a local dealer near you!

However, if our screw on stone panels aren’t sold in your area yet, we’d like to work with you directly. Simply give us a call or fill out the form at the bottom of this webpage. We’ll be able to either send you a sample of our unique product or to complete your order!

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