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Gorgeous Stone Veneer Backsplash for Kitchens

Discover the superior quality of Affinity Stone’s kitchen stone veneer, tailored specifically for stunning home backdrops. Our stone veneer backsplashes for kitchens are the perfect way to enhance the look and feel of your space seemingly overnight. With a plethora of design options, our faux stone panels seamlessly integrate into interior applications and spaces. We love to help our customers discover the best ways to use this product in their kitchen spaces from stone backsplashes, to kitchen island bases, to accent walls.

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What Sets Our Kitchen Stone Veneer Options Apart

At Affinity Stone, we take pride in offering kitchen stone veneer that is beautifully designed and comes at a competitive price point. Our faux stone panels are designed to work in a variety of spaces in your kitchen like your backsplash, kitchen island, on accent walls, and more. Let us walk you through the highlights of using our kitchen island stone veneer in your home:

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different shades of gray stone making up a kitchen wall

6 Steps to Install Faux Stone Panels for Kitchen Walls

No matter if you are working with a contractor for your kitchen remodel or are a handy homeowner, installing your own faux stone panels can seem like a daunting challenge. That is why Affinity Stone created our mortarless stone veneer, to help make the process of stone installation that much easier.

Experience hassle-free installation for your kitchen faux stone panels with our simple 6-step guide: 

  1. Install the starter strip, positioning it 4 ½ inches above the designed bottom of your stone panel.
  2. Set the first course, ensuring the panels are flush and level before securing.
  3. Cut panels as necessary, staggering lengths for a natural pattern using proper safety equipment.
  4. Stack panels, alternating between partial and whole panels to break up the seam.
  5. Install a wainscot cap for added aesthetic appeal, securely attaching it to silicone and clamps.
  6. Pre-drill and countersink, fastening the panel to the wall for a secure finish.

After you or your contractor completes all the above steps, the last thing to do is to start enjoying your kitchen faux stone panels for years to come. Start your project with Affinity Stone today by calling today!


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Bring your kitchen design ideas to life with the mortarless stone veneer available at Affinity Stone. Explore the different stone veneer product lines on our website today and get ideas for your kitchen makeover. With a 5-star rating, you can have peace of mind when purchasing our stone veneer backsplash for your kitchen project. Enter your zip code to find a qualified dealer near you!

Panel Screw Features
  • Self-drilling thread for easy start
  • T-25 Torx bit included
  • Corrosion resistent coating for exterior use
  • Available in 100 pc Box or 500 pc Pail
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