Striking Stone Veneer Colors to Inspire You

Striking Stone Veneer Colors to Inspire You

While stone veneer certainly brings amazing texture and a sense of atmosphere to any space, the color may just be the most beautiful part. For interior or exterior spaces, the hue of the stone panels can prove to be a perfect accent or contrast to your aesthetic. In today’s blog, we’re exploring the inspiring variety of stone veneer colors you can choose from when planning your renovation.

At Affinity Stone, we craft luxury mortarless stone panels that provide game-changing style possibilities with ultra-strong durability. Just like any natural stone, our panels display an authentic range of color shades and gradients across different price points. So, when we discuss stone veneer colors, we’re talking about the overall impression of the line — rather than each piece having the exact same color. Dig into all of your options — and find out how you can bring Affinity Stone to a contracting team or a store near you!

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4 Standout Stone Siding Colors

A moody, dark gray stone providing contrast in a modern bathroom — or a naturalistic copper shade blending with the look of vinyl siding. Our range of stone siding colors covers these creative possibilities and so much more! From our experience, many homeowners fall in love with stone before realizing just how many color options there are. When they discover all the color possibilities, their jaws drop!

As we break down each of our sought-after color options, we’ll provide our style insights and suggestions. Remember, though — you can use these stone sidings any way that inspires you — the only limit with Affinity Stone is your imagination!

stone siding colors

Pale Gray

An excellent stone veneer color choice, our pale gray looks very close to a pure white shade. This clean color choice is a great option for covering a large area (inside and out) due to the simple shade that looks great covering entire walls. While other color options might be a little too bold to dominate an entire wall, pale gray looks fantastic as a full-size design. Our “Glacier” color showcases this exact shade and is available in both our Ridge Cut and Cliff Ledge series!

Medium Gray

One of the most popular stone siding colors we offer, this shade often proves to be the perfect match for a wide variety of exterior color schemes. The medium gray stone makes for an attention-grabbing complement to the vinyl siding that commonly comprises garages and homes. In exterior design, typically the medium gray color is used in smaller spaces — as a true style x-factor! The Aspen and Adobe lines are a great example of this stunning shade.

medium gray stone veneer color
copper stone siding color


As certainly one of the most unique and variable options, the copper shade deserves to be admired at length. You’ll notice the wide range of different panel shades, all of which blend together to create the overall copper aesthetic. One of our newest colors, we expect the copper shade to be a hit with both interior and exterior projects. When placed outside, it will boost curb appeal when enhancing white and tan vinyl siding. As part of interior design, we imagine this being used for smaller accent spaces — but like with all of our pieces, your imagination is the guide. You’ll find this stone siding color sold appropriately under the name Copper Creek!

Dark Gray

This stone siding color is dramatic and bold. While it might not be for every taste, chances are if it works for you, you’ll absolutely love it. Dark gray stone is often used to bring an eye-catching look to the exterior of garages and homes, pairing well with darker siding colors. Once again, the dark gray siding is often used in small swathes providing maximum style impact for minimal space. Our Yukon line delivers this striking color.

dark gray stone veneer color

Practical Advantages of Affinity Stone

While the range of stone colors is certainly a reason that our brand has made style headlines and earned fans, it’s just the beginning. All of our products are crafted with unique technology (patent pending) to provide a host of practical benefits. Here’s what sets Affinity Stone apart:

  1. Screw-On Convenience — When you choose Affinity Stone, you don’t have to wait for the gorgeous stone style you’ve been dreaming of. Our screw-on veneers are installed up to 80% quicker than the traditional options.
  2. Can Be Installed in All Weather — There’s no wrong time of the year to update your home’s exterior. Since our product lines don’t rely on mortar, they can be installed anytime!
  3. Stronger & More Durable — Our unique lock-in-place system actually proves stronger than the average mortar installation as well, meaning you won’t have to worry about panels falling off your home’s façade.

How-to Bring Home Your Favorite Stone Veneer Color

Did any of our stone veneer color choices catch your eye? Then you’re in the right place. We recommend you find out just how affordable our gorgeous stone veneer is!

We make our products available through local contractors and our dealer network of building supply stores. Here’s what you need to do to find exact prices and place your order:

  • Enter your zip code right here. If you have a dealer in your area, you can contact them to take care of everything!
  • However, if you don’t have an official Affinity Stone dealer in your area yet, please fill out our general contact form at the bottom of this webpage. Our team will work with you on the next steps!
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