Home Curb Appeal Ideas to Try in 2022

Home Curb Appeal Ideas to Try in 2022

Everyone wants a curb appeal that catches the eye, earns compliments from neighbors, and makes passersby slow down as they drive past. Despite that, though, making meaningful changes to the outside of your home is notoriously difficult — especially if you don’t have tens-of-thousands of dollars to dedicate to new siding or other huge upgrades. However, we have a few unique updates that can transform your exterior for less than you think. Check out our home curb appeal ideas that will be perfect for 2022!

At Affinity Stone, we’re a manufacturer of deluxe stone veneer siding that brings a striking upscale look to a variety of outdoor spaces. Since our flagship stone veneer is often used to update curb appeal, we love sharing the amazing touches we’ve seen (both that use our products and those that don’t). Keep reading to see our top 7 home curb appeal ideas — and to discover what sets our stone apart!

Small Curb Appeal Updates for a Big Impact

Whether they require a trip to the hardware store, a few afternoons of work, or working with a local professional, all of these curb appeal updates make a big impact. Even better, any of these ideas work on their own, but you can also pair several together for an even bigger impact. See if any of these ideas kickstart your imagination:

1. Update Your Mailbox

curb appeal updates

If you’re like most people, your mailbox is far from your mind when thinking of exciting style possibilities. However, you’re missing a real style opportunity! If your mailbox is old and shabby, simply upgrade to an eye-catching new box that plays off the color scheme of your house. And if you want a more in-depth project, dress up or decorate your mailbox post!

2. Introduce Stone Veneer

stone veneer home curb appeal idea

We sometimes call our stone wall panels curb appeal in a box — and it isn’t hard to see why! By placing gorgeous, realistic stone in a prominent place on the front of your home, you WILL dramatically boost your curb appeal. These are the most popular places to install stone veneer:

  • Surrounding your main entry door
  • As wainscoting all across the front of the home
  • Decorating your garage as a thin vertical accent

Not only does this stone placement look absolutely incredible, but it is also a great investment in your home, seriously boosting your property value.

Learn more about how much stone veneer increases home value.

3. Dress Up the Front Door

front door curb appeal update

The entrance to your home makes a big impression on your guests — and it’s also an unexpected focal point of your exterior décor. For these reasons alone, your front door can be a fantastic option for a curb appeal update. The simplest way to enhance your door is with a fresh coat of paint — just make sure you have the right paint type to match the material your door is made of. Not only will fresh color breathe new life into the front of your home, but your entry door is probably more nicked and damaged than you realized and could use the update.

4. Home Number Accessories

curb appeal idea using home number

This is one of our favorite home curb appeal ideas (other than our signature stone, of course!). Whether you get a large plaque or individual numbers, the effect is the same: you add a piece of flair to your exterior. Not only will this touch add an interesting look to your home’s exterior, but it can also make your house easier to find for new friends and delivery drivers.

5. Replace Your Mulch

mulch replaced for curb appeal update

The majority of curb appeal updates will directly impact the house. This idea in particular focuses on the landscaping instead. By replacing drab and dried out old mulching, or adding it for the first time, you bring a sense of focus to your yard. Although a fresh application of mulch will work wonders, you can consider a different option, too: small fill stones can have a similar effect to mulch — but with a distinctly upscale flair. Light colored stones look particularly attractive with beds of front yard shrubbery or bushes.

6. Lighting You Can Love

exterior lighting home curb appeal idea

Consider this both a night AND day curb appeal update! If you haven’t done anything with your home’s exterior lighting since you moved in, you may be missing a fantastic stylistic opportunity. Even better, you have a HUGE variety of options for refreshed exterior lighting. Ground-level landscape lighting works to draw attention to the walkway up to your door — or to your newly mulched shrubbery. You can consider a single spotlight that shines on your home’s interior (potentially illuminating a beautiful stacked stone panel). Finally, upgrading to new ornate light fixtures can make your lighting scheme look attractive during the day as well.

7. Showstopper Columns or Posts

curb appeal update with stone column wraps

If you have a prominent front porch held aloft by posts or columns, you can use one of the most game-changing home curb appeal ideas. An innovative new product from Affinity Stone, our column kits allow you to wrap these plain posts in the same style of gorgeous stone that you’d find in our veneer panels. This simple kit turns an otherwise undecorated column into an eye-catching showcase for your love of stone! Not only is the look of these column kits absolutely out of this world, but they are simple and easy to install, too!

Learn all about our stone column wraps right here!

All About Affinity Stone Siding & Column Kits

We hope you felt a spark from some (or all!) of these home curb appeal ideas. If you want to incorporate stone columns or stone siding into your curb appeal update, it is much more AFFORDABLE than most homeowners think. Although every project is different, you can likely bring home the Affinity stone veneer you want for under $2,000!

If you want to shop either our siding or our column kits, please enter your zip code right here to find your nearest distributor and start shopping. If you have any questions or you don’t have Affinity Stone near you yet, please fill out our contact form at the bottom of this web page for more assistance!

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