The Best Stone Veneer Column Wraps to Install

The Best Stone Veneer Column Wraps to Install

At Affinity Stone, there are two guiding goals that drive our product design and innovation. One — we strive to create truly beautiful pieces. Two — we want to build products that solve problems for hardworking contractors. Our stone veneer column wraps are a game-changer due to their unbeatable ease of install — and exceptional styles.

Affinity Stone is a leading line of stone veneer siding that becomes a favorite of home improvement teams and contractors as soon as they try it. Discover what makes our stone veneer wraps a solution that saves you hours per column and looks absolutely gorgeous. Keep reading to dig into the product — or reach out to request a sample or demo!

Why to Trust Our Stone Post Wraps

Thanks to our experience building for (and closely working with) home contractors, we know what matters to you in a product. You want to deliver a stunning finished product for your customer — and you want to save your valuable time. Our stone post wraps deliver both.

This matters because columns are common for home porches and pole barns alike. More often than not, if a client wants you to install stone panels on their home, they also want you to match them on the columns as well. That’s where we come in. We’re comparing the experience of building one of our kits to the traditional method:

Time Savings

The number one reason that new contractors try our stone post wraps is to save time. You can put together one of our kits for a column in 30 minutes (and that includes the framing). Compare that to the average half day it takes to wrap a single post the traditional way.

Easy Install

The innovative easy-install process is how our products save you hours on a single column wrap. Traditional installation requires you to cut and grind stones or panels to fit the column base and to mortar them in place. Rather than needing to cut and grind down panels to fit around the porch column, you simply need to place and screw on our kit. You’ll have the perfect result every time with just a screw gun and a level.

See the install process in depth >

Easy Estimating

Stone column wraps are notoriously difficult to estimate — and that can make projects that require them challenging to quote. Our stone veneer column wraps change that. Since you know exactly how long it’ll take you to build one and you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay for each kit, quoting the job couldn’t be easier.

Size Variety

Since you’ll run into a variety of post sizes you need to wrap, we build a variety of kits. However, 6”X6” and 5”X6” are the most common dimensions by far.

Factory Edge

Not only is this project a win for your convenience, but it also leads to a more polished finished project for your customer. Since you don’t need to do any cutting or grinding to make the fit work, there won’t be any rough cuts or cut edges sticking out. That means all your client will see is the clean, professional cut of the factory-made edge.

Manufactured, Pre-Cut Column Cap

To make the job as simple as possible, we provide a manufactured, pre-cut column cap to finish off the stone veneer post wrap. This is just one way we save you labor and ensure the best project every time.

Gorgeous Look

The patterns and styles for our stone post wraps are pulled directly from our lines of mortarless exterior stone veneer. We often hear just how striking the different colors and realistic textures that we design are. We encourage you to check out our project gallery to see how our veneer looks in a variety of spaces!

How to Install Column Wraps from Affinity Stone

stone post wraps

It’s one thing to say our products are easy to work with — it’s another thing to show you.

Check out the steps to install column wraps right here:

  1. Make sure the wooden base components are level and then fasten them around the post.
  2. Install the first course of stone panels to the base of the post, ensuring it is level and flush with the panel next to it.
  3. Install the second and third courses of stone on top of your first, so the entire column is wrapped.
  4. Place and secure easy-install column caps.

That’s it — do these steps and you’ve built a gorgeous stone veneer column that will look exceptional for decades to come! If you’re a visual learner, check out our handy “How to Install Column Wraps” video:

Order Our Stone Veneer Column Wraps or Get a Sample

Ready to see how much of a difference the right stone veneer column wraps make? The first thing to do is enter your zip code right here to find your nearest Affinity Stone partner. They’ll be able to demonstrate how easy it is to install our product line — and they’ll be able to show you the variety of colors and styles.

However, if we haven’t partnered with anyone in your area yet, we’d love to send you a sample so you can get a feel for our product. We want to earn your trust to bring our product out the next time you have a job that requires adding stone to columns!

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