Does Stone Veneer Increase Home Value?

Does Stone Veneer Increase Home Value?

There’s no doubt that stone veneer looks absolutely stunning and can make you love your home even more than ever. However, you may be wondering if you’ll see a return on investment in the money you invest into this upgrade. That’s why homeowners doing research on this product often ask, “Does stone veneer increase home value?” Stone veneer absolutely increases your property value — and it provides one of the highest rates of return among all of the work you can do to your property.

At Affinity Stone, we craft high-quality stone veneer that looks equally great on home interiors and exteriors. Our superior product is designed to provide decades of gorgeous, problem-free performance. These advantages, along with the gorgeous look, make Affinity Stone (and all well-made veneer) a strong investment in your home. Get a more detailed answer to the question, “Does stone veneer increase home value?” — and shop today!

Does Stone Veneer Add Value to Your Home? 4 Things to Know!

Some of the best places to add veneer are to the front of your home or to a prominent interior space like a living room. Not only does stone veneer add value to your home, but it also allows you to make your house stand out as truly your own. Here are some things to know about where the financial value of stone veneer comes from.

  1. One of the Best Rates of Return (Inside or Outside) — Almost any large-scale work you put into your home will pay you back in some way. However, adding stone veneer anywhere on your house provides one of the highest rates of return of any home improvement project. Conservatively, we estimate that adding veneer provides better than 80% return on investment. That’s why when we get asked, “Does stone veneer increase home value?”, we can safely say it does better than the majority of other upgrades.

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  2. Can Transform Your Home’s Exterior — Of all of the different ways you can transform your home, one of the most challenging things to do is to alter the outside. Placing stone veneer panels is a fairly simple process that can dramatically change the curb appeal. This one upgrade brings an eye-catching visual element to your exterior that can turn ordinary into truly extraordinary! Since the curb appeal of a home is one of the most important factors to many buyers, this upgrades your home where it can matter most. Plus, a distinct touch like stone sets your house apart from all of the rest in your development!
  3. Versatile Style — One of the reasons that people ask us, “Does stone veneer add value to your home?” is because they may plan to sell someday. Maximizing the price your home brings on the open market is all about meeting all of the needs of the right buyer. Another advantage of our stone panels is that they have a modern but timeless quality that can pair with a variety of different decoration styles. If someone has sleek modern tastes, stone can fit that — but the right directions can make it a rustic feeling accent instead.

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  4. Distinctly Upscale Feel — Whether it provides a striking textured wall accent in your great room or it enhances the look of your vinyl siding, the visual effect of stone veneer is distinctly upscale. Either inside or out, stone creates the luxury dream home feel that you (and prospective buyers!) will absolutely adore. You can design with stone to create an exciting part of your home where it will have the greatest impact on the entire aesthetic!
does stone veneer add value to your home

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Now you have an answer to the question, “Does stone veneer increase home value?” — and we hope we were helpful with your research. If you’re ready to buy, we’re here to assist you! Affinity Stone products can be found at specialty hardware stores throughout the country — simply enter your zip code right here to find your nearest store.

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