The Affinity Difference: Traits of the Best Stone Veneer

The Affinity Difference: Traits of the Best Stone Veneer

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for the x-factor to enhance your home — or you’re a contractor or supply store owner looking for a game-changing product — we’d like a minute of your time. We sincerely believe that Affinity Stone panels are the best stone veneer ever built, but we don’t want you to just take our word for it…

Consider these 8 rock-solid benefits that make Affinity Stone products the BEST stone veneer on the market! No fluff — just real (and provable) advantages that make them stand out against all of the competition!

8 Rock-Solid Reasons We Have the Best Stone Panels

We know what homeowners, the contractors who serve them, and the stores where they shop care about: they ALL want an easy-to-install, long-lasting product that turns heads with its beauty. If you want us to showcase any of these traits of the best stone panels, we’re more than happy to arrange a demonstration! See what sets our product apart:

  1. 50-Year Warranty — Want to know how much trust we have in our product? We back it with a 50-year warranty against defects. We design our lines to have extremely high compression strength and to not soak up water. To contractors and store managers, we’d like to ask: does that sound like a company you can trust?
  2. Truly Natural Style — Our veneers are designed carefully to accurately mimic the look of real stone. To create this realistic look, we design with random patterns rather than a geometric shape that looks artificial. We invite you to see if you think our innovative manufacturing gets closer to real stone than anything you’ve seen before!

    Check out our project gallery and see if you can tell they’re stone veneers!
  3. Solutions for Columns — If you love the look of our stone on your home, we make it easy to match to your columns. We sell an easy to install stone column kit that brings the exact look to your exterior columns. Based on our tongue-and-groove technology, one of these kits can be installed in about 30 minutes. If you choose a stone company that doesn’t have a column option, you may be left with a mismatched style — or a job you need to decline. Having this extra option makes a real difference to both homeowners and the contractors alike.
  4. Versatile Looks & Colors — Designing with our stone veneer is meant to be a satisfying experience. Whether you want to augment an interior aesthetic or make your home stand out from the rest in your neighborhood, we have the styles to do it. Not only do we provide unique designs that offer a different texture, but we also craft a huge range of stone veneer colors — and we’re always designing more!

    Explore our wide variety of gorgeous stone veneer colors!
  5. No Grinding Needed — Other stone panels can feel like a bad puzzle where you can’t quite tell if the pieces are meant to go together. Our innovative tongue-and-groove system is one of the key reasons that we believe we build the very best stone panels. While many other veneers need to be ground down in order to fit together, with Affinity Stone all you need to do is snap them together. That means contractors can leave the grinder behind — and it means that homeowners get the exact style they want! Just think of how many hours you’ve spent on jobs grinding down other “premium” stone veneer.
  6. Easy & Fast Install — On average, our stone veneer takes 80% less time to install than traditional stone veneer thanks to the one-of-a-kind tongue-and-groove system. Contractors love this feature because it saves them time on every job. Homeowners appreciate the quick and easy install — because it makes installing stone veneer a realistic afternoon project.

    Learn more about our easy installation.
  7. Stay Attached — When stone panels fall off your house (or a customer’s house), that’s a SERIOUS problem. While traditional, mortar-dependent stone veneers have the unfortunate tendency to separate, our secure screw-in panels stay attached — through decades out in the elements.
  8. Great Price — While we prefer to compete on quality, we can absolutely compete on price, too. When comparing premier stone panels, Affinity Stone is consistently a very affordable option. So not only will you enjoy this wide range of game-changing advantages, but you’ll save money, too. If you currently have a line of exterior stone products, we encourage you to price check Affinity Stone before you re-order. You’ll be pleasantly surprised! In addition, since our product is installed so much quicker, you pay yourself back with all the time you save.

We sincerely believe that we craft the best stone panels — for what homeowners, contractors, and store owners care about. See how to get more information and how to place an order below!

For Homeowners: Find Your Store or Contractor

best stone panels

If you’re a homeowner that wants to bring this beautiful and affordable stone veneer to your home interior or exterior, here’s what to do:

  • Enter your zip code on this page. If there is an official Affinity Stone contractor or dealer in your area, they will take care of everything from there.
  • However, if there isn’t an official Affinity dealer near you yet, enter your information at the bottom of this page, and we will work with you.

For Professionals: Order the Very Best Stone Veneer

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Whether you own or manage a building supply store or you’re a home improvement professional, you can make Affinity Stone a part of your roster. We’d be happy to send you a sample of some of our material so you can discover for yourself what makes it the best stone veneer on the market.

Simply enter your information into the form at the bottom of this site — or give us a call!

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