The Best Way to Get Decorative Stone Columns

The Best Way to Get Decorative Stone Columns

The porch columns in front of your home do the important job of supporting your porch, but they can do so much more, too. Adding stone accents to those columns is one of the hottest trends for maximizing curb appeal. At Affinity Stone, we have an ingenious new way to get the decorative stone columns you want – in less time and for less money.

At Affinity Stone, we’re primarily known for our line of gorgeous stone veneer siding. However, we apply the same high-quality craftsmanship and gorgeous designs to our column wraps as well. See more about why our decorative stone columns are the perfect solution for your home improvement project!


How to Build Stacked Stone Columns Like the Pros

While the look of stone around porch columns has long been a popular style, there are more ways to achieve it than ever. Once, this project required a skilled stone mason to individually place each stone.  This proved time consuming and very costly. Our stone column wraps deliver the exact same look with our beautiful veneer in just a fraction of the time. Learn how to build stacked stone columns using Affinity’s column kits right here:


how to build a stacked stone column

Step 1: Arrange Materials – Our column kits come with everything you need to wrap a column, including wooden base components, stone pieces, and a stone cap. Once all of these materials are at-hand, you’re ready to get started.


DIY decorative stone columns

Step 2: Attach the Wooden Base – The wooden base components are essentially a plywood box that fits around the column. You’ll attach the stone pieces to this sturdy wooden base. You’ll want to install the base one half at a time, using screws to keep it in place.


how to build stacked stone columns

Step 3: Install the First Course of Stone – When learning how to build stacked stone columns, this is one of the most crucial steps. You want to lay the first pieces flush with the base of the box so that you have a level foundation. You’ll use a screw gun to attach these panels into place onto the board box.


how to build stacked stone columns using veneer panels

Step 4: Install the Second and Third Courses of Stone: Once the first level of stone panels are installed properly, you’ll want to add the second and third levels. Make sure to fit the stone panels flush with each other. After installed these layers, you’ll have a fully decorative stone column.


Decorative stone column DIY tutorial

Step 5: Place the Column Cap – To complete the authentic stone look, each of our column kits comes with a stone cap. The stone cap comes in two pieces and you’ll fit it around the post. After that you’ll place it and attach it securely on top of the wrapped column.

Learn how to build a stacked stone column through our install videos.


Why To Use Column Kits

Now you know how to build a stacked stone column, but you don’t know all the reasons why. When compared to the traditional methods of porch column wrapping, our style has several distinct advantages:

  • Easy Install – All you need is a screw gun, a torpedo level, and wooden shims to handle the installation of your very own column kit. The traditional way essentially requires the skills of a professional stone mason.
  • Less Time – If you know what you’re doing, you can wrap a single column in around 30 minutes. This lets you easily transform the look of your home in a single afternoon.
  • Beautiful Style – Finally, the look of columns is absolutely gorgeous. All of our columns have an elegantly polished look and they come in a beautiful variety of stone veneer colors.

Shop Our Decorative Stone Column Kits

If you want to transform the look of your home, our decorative stone column kits may be your best option. Not only is the look beautiful but the practical advantages make this the smart choice that homeowners and contractors love. If you want to shop our column kits in a store near you, please enter your zip code right here!

However, if you don’t have a dealer or store in your area yet, please reach out and talk to our team!

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