What Is Manufactured Stone Veneer?

What Is Manufactured Stone Veneer?

Bringing stone style to homes — inside or outside — is one of the most in-demand design trends right now. There have never been more ways to accomplish this look and more types of products to use when doing it. One of the leading options is manufactured stone veneer — popular for its attractive style, durability, and ease of install — and it just happens to be our specialty. One of the most common questions we hear is, “What is manufactured stone veneer?” Manufactured stone is the term for a piece of man-made stone which can be attached to a surface to create the impression that it is built of natural stone. Since the product is a veneer, it is not the full thickness and weight of a piece of natural stone, making it usable in far more places.

At Affinity Stone, we build two attractive lines of manufactured stone veneer as well as a line of stone column kits. In this blog, we’re digging into the question, “What is manufactured stone veneer?” and answering other common questions. Keep reading to learn all about this game-changing building material!

What Is Stone Veneer Made Of?

Manufactured stone veneer is a material that creates the look of stone without the difficulty of using the raw material. So, if it isn’t made of real stones, what is it exactly? One of the other most common questions we get is, “What is stone veneer made of?” That question has multiple answers. Affinity Stone manufactured veneer is made of lightweight, colored concrete arranged in panels. This allows the panels to be truly beautiful, with gorgeous stone veneer colors and stunning patterns. From a practical standpoint, manufactured stone is lighter and can be installed in far less time than natural stone using just screws!

Since Affinity Stone is a man-made concrete product, it is considered manufactured stone veneer. However, some types of stone veneer are made of quarried stones simply carved and cut down to the thickness of a veneer. While using natural stone is preferable for some contractors and homeowners, others prefer the modern look or practical advantages of manufactured stone veneer.

Here’s why screw-on stone veneer is the smart and practical choice!

What Is Dry Stack Stone Veneer?

At Affinity Stone, the specific style of stone veneer we build is dry stacked stone veneer. People often wonder, what is dry stack stone veneer and what is the difference between it and other stone veneers? When it comes to a veneer product, the dry stacked look means that there are no gaps in between the stone pieces. This look is a departure from the traditional look that has visible mortar in between individual pieces. This dry stack look is the most popular style for contemporary designs — and is practically a must-have for interior stone veneer designs.

What Does Affinity Stone Do Differently?

As the demand for stone in exterior and interior design continues to skyrocket, the number of companies offering products will do the same. At Affinity Stone, our goal is to craft the best stone veneer both in terms of its upscale look — as well as the experience of owning and installing it. Here’s what sets Affinity Stone above the rest:

  • Natural Looking Designs — The patterns in our panels are randomized rather than geometric, making our veneer look more realistic than anything else on the market.
  • 50-Year Warranty — We have faith that our product will perform for you, which is why we back it with a no-hassle warranty!
  • Quick & Easy Install — Installing Affinity Stone takes 80% less time than other leading products, which is key for both homeowners and contractors alike!

If you want to get more information or shop for any of our products, you’re in the right place. We encourage you to enter your zip code right here to find Affinity in a store near you! However, if you have any other questions, please give us a call or fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

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