Explore Gray Stone Veneer

Explore Gray Stone Veneer

When outfitting your home with stone veneer, there are more options for cut and color than ever before. Since gray stone veneer is the most popular color choice for homeowners all across the country, we’re exploring it right here. We’re digging into all the possibilities and the advantages behind this particular aesthetic.

At Affinity Stone, we craft a line of manufactured stone veneer that homeowners and professionals love. We’re breaking down our lines of gray stone veneer – and how they can complete your project. Keep reading to see more or find us in a store near you!


Style Profile: Gray Cultured Stone

We build two primary styles of gray cultured stone: the Yukon and the Aspen.

Yukon  stone veneer for interior walls

Our darker gray stone veneer line, the Yukon borders on being charcoal in color. This dramatic color choice is far more uniform and consistent in color than other gray stone, which can be ideal for certain designs.


Aspen stone veneer for interior walls

The Aspen represents a lighter shade of gray than the Yukon. One of our all-around most popular colors, the Aspen has a very naturalistic range of different pieces within every panel. Even with that color variation, this is a distinctly gray cultured stone.

There are several reasons that the gray color has been a consistent favorite in a tremendous range of different spaces and projects:

  • Timeless Quality – Not only is gray stone the most popular color choice right now, but it has been the most popular for around a decade – which is largely due to its universal appeal. You can be assured that this timeless style will ALWAYS look good and be in-style! Since all of our manufactured stone lasts for 50+ years, this is an important point to consider.
  • Versatility – Both light and dark gray stone are fantastic for matching a wide range of different home colors and spaces. This color looks exceptional alongside modern and traditional homes alike. Both shades look good alongside everything from bright white vinyl siding to sandy colored stucco. You can also feel comfortable placing this color as an accent wall in your living room or as wainscoting on your home!
  • Shows Less DirtWhile white stone can be beautiful, it will show slightly more dirt than a darker colored gray cultured stone will. Gray stone will keep you from needing to worry about your beloved veneer getting dirty or needing maintenance or spring cleaning.
  • The Perfect Complement – Gray stone veneer always captures the perfect amount of attention. There’s no question that gray cultured stone is never a boring option or a mere background choice. However, it isn’t so bold and extreme that it steals attention from a fully balanced design. This can be especially important when using stone for interiors – because the last thing you want is an accent wall that feels overpowering to the rest of the space.

See even more of our exciting stone veneer colors!


The Practical Benefits of Affinity Stone

Gray cultured stone and the other beautiful color options are the just the beginning of why our panels have become a popular choice. These are the practical advantages that every piece of Affinity Stone provides:

  • Beautiful Textures – All of our stone panels have different and realistic looking textures that add an extra dimension to your design.
  • Competitive Pricing – In addition to our exceptional styles, our stone panels are also very competitively priced. Generally, our product costs less than most other luxury options.
  • Quicker to Install – Affinity Stone takes approximately 80% less time to install than a mortared option, meaning you can save time and money on your project.
  • Install in All Weather – Our screw-on panels mean you can install Affinity Stone any time of year, regardless of the weather.

Shop Our Gray Stone Veneer

At Affinity Stone, we believe that our stone veneer can be the perfect accent to help transform any home — inside or outside. While we profiled our gray stone veneer today, we have a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your latest project!

stone veneer for interior walls

To find the nearest Affinity Stone distributor, simply enter your zip code right here. If we don’t have a partner that serves your area yet, we still want to help. Simply enter your contact information at the bottom of this website to talk to our team! We’re confident that you’ll love our stone veneer, and we can’t wait to help you find the perfect style for your home!


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