Comparing Faux Stone Sheet Quality

Comparing Faux Stone Sheet Quality

Pick a color and the amount you need – buying faux stone sheets sounds simple, right?

Not exactly. At least, not always.

The two most common places homeowners or contractors buy faux stone sheets are one of two types of stores: either a family-owned business like us, or a big box home improvement chain.

Check out our blog to discover signs of quality to look for in fake stone panels, and where to get the durable, modern, and cost-effective solutions you need.

Signs of Quality to Look for in Fake Stone Panels

It sounds awfully convenient to just drive to the local big-box home improvement store and buy excellent faux stone sheets you can take home that same day. If only it worked out that well.

Mass-produced stone look paneling most times lacks the same quality and attention to detail that carefully crafted panels do, and as a result, they typically don’t last. As the old adage goes, “You get what you pay for”- and with cheap faux stone sheets, that is not a gamble you want to take!

Like any purchase, it’s a good idea to evaluate your options before you buy faux stone. Here is a list of 4 things to keep in mind when in the market for fake stone panels:

  • Excellent Warranty: One of the first things to check when evaluating the quality and dependability of fake stone panels is the manufacturer’s warranty. With Affinity Stone products, you can rest assured knowing your investment is protected by a 50-year warranty against defects.
  • Simple Installation: Nobody wants to buy faux stone just to realize they don’t have the proper tools or knowledge to install it. Whether you’re DIY-ing your faux stone sheet installation or you’re hiring a professional to tackle it for you, our locally made panels are a breeze to install! In fact, we have all of our installation materials available online, so you can learn how to install stone veneer in less than one day before you ever commit to our product.
  • Versatile Design: If you’re looking to transform your design with consistency, you need a stone look paneling that is versatile enough to last ANYWHERE you put it! Whether it’s an interior accent wall idea or an exterior porch renovation, Affinity Stone’s fake stone panels stand the test of time – and look great while doing it.
  • Panels that Stay Connected: Perhaps the biggest pain-point with typical mortar-dependent stone veneers is their tendency to fall off of the house over time. Our small-town made fake stone panels feature secure screw-in panels that stay attached even through decades of being outdoors in the elements.

Stone Look Paneling from a Small-Town Manufacturer

Fake Stone Panels outside home

At Affinity Stone, though we may be a small-town business, we are an industry-leading, world-class manufacturer that offers an abundance of fake stone panels in beautiful colors. With our stone look paneling, you don’t have to worry about stressful installation or malfunctions down the line. Our faux stone sheets are ideal for interior or exterior applications and have been voted some of the BEST stone veneer column wraps to install yourself.

As an American made company, it’s important for us to share who we are with our customers because it’s something we’re proud of! Learn more about our company mission, morals and offerings when you contact us today.


Buy Faux Stone Sheets from Affinity Stone Today

When you’re looking for fake stone panels that stand the test of time, Affinity Stone is the name to trust. We easily expect our crafted fake stone panels to last for 50 years – if not more – just like our warranty covers!

If you still are unsure of what type, material, color, or amount of faux stone to buy, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our helpful team is happy to assist you in finding the perfect match for any project you’re envisioning.

Locate your nearest Affinity Stone dealer and order long-lasting stone look paneling now.

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