3 Costly Problems with Fake Stone for Walls (& How to Avoid Them)

3 Costly Problems with Fake Stone for Walls (& How to Avoid Them)

You love the natural look of fake stone for walls, but is this affordable alternative really as good as it seems?

When installed perfectly, you’ll be set with the gorgeous aesthetic of fake stone veneer for decades to come. However, if installed incorrectly, there’s a price to pay both financially and in the stability of your home.

In today’s blog, our faux stone manufacturing and installing experts share the top 3 problems with fake stone for walls – AND how to prevent them from happening in the future. Keep reading to learn all this and more from Affinity Stone!


Common Issues with Traditional Fake Stone Wall Panels

Natural stone is one of the oldest and most beautiful building materials used for everything from fireplaces to home exteriors. But such beauty comes at a high price, which is one of the reasons why fake stone wall panels were created!

Although manufactured stone boasts an abundance of benefits like authentic aesthetics and an affordable price, there are some definite shortcomings that become prominent if not installed properly, or if a low-quality product is used.

Whether you are considering adding a dry stacked stone veneer style to your home or you’re already starting to see signs of wear and tear, here are some of the most common troubles with fake stone for walls: 

fake stone for walls outside home
  1. Difficult to install: Traditional fake stone wall panels that require mortar can be extremely challenging for the average person or contractor to install correctly – which is the root of all evil when it comes to the potential problems you may experience with stone walls.
  2. Water damage: If fake stone panels are not installed properly, water intrusion almost always becomes an issue. As water and moisture make their way behind the fake stone wall panels, it becomes trapped and can’t drain or dry! Thus, mold, rot, and wood damage quickly begin to settle in, causing irreversible harm and thousands of dollars in potential repairs.
  3. Stones that fall off: One of the most common issues with traditional fake stone veneer installed with mortar is that the panels don’t stay attached. The reason this happens is often because the moisture gets behind the stone pieces, freezes, and, as it expands, pops the fake stone veneer right off the installation site! Since there is no grout to hold it in place, you’ll end up with more fake stone wall panels on the ground than on your house. Learn more about preventing stone veneer from falling off of your house

How to Prevent Fake Stone Veneer from Falling Off Your House

fake stone veneer for side of garage

As one of America’s most trusted names in the fake stone panel industry, Affinity Stone is proud to have created a manufactured stone solution that majorly reduces water damage and panels from popping off houses! With our state-of-the-art design and unique application process, we’re able eliminate common rot issues while also providing an easy to install, affordable, and beautiful looking alternative.

Unlike common fake stone for walls which require messy mortar to attach, Affinity Stone’s distinctive fake stone for walls is a screw-on installation requiring just a few simple tools and a little bit of elbow grease! This is the key for how our fake stone panels prevent future house damage!

Furthermore, our veneer panels also:

  • Save you time – With simple, mortar free installation, you’ll be able to install Affinity’s stone veneer in less than 1 day!
  • Save you money – With stone veneer installation so easy, you won’t have to hire a contractor to assemble it (unless you want to).
  • Save you future headaches – Our screw-on veneer leaves a ½ inch air gap between the panel and your wall. This allows water that would normally get trapped behind the fake stone veneer to weep down and out, letting moisture escape and preventing rot, mold, and other water damage!

Ready to get started adding value to your home with stone veneer? Discover countless interior and exterior ideas when you explore our inspiration gallery today!


Shop Fake Stone Panels for Walls at Affinity Stone!

If you are currently experiencing problems with your fake stone panels or are simply doing your due diligence by researching before investing, know that there is only ONE type of veneer that eliminates water damage – and that’s Affinity Stone!

With several unique designs of fake stone veneer in 5 beautiful colors, you’re sure to find a style that perfectly accentuates your porch column, accent wall, home exterior or interior décor!

Available through our exclusive network of dealers, Affinity Stone is in stores in over 9 states. Discover more about our fake stone for walls or where to buy some near you now!

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