6 Things They DON’T Tell You About Faux Exterior Stone Panel Siding

6 Things They DON’T Tell You About Faux Exterior Stone Panel Siding

Everyone knows that luxurious exterior faux stone siding transforms a home from average to enviable in just a few days.

As an Illinois stone veneer manufacturer for more than a decade, we’re excited to be sharing some realistic expectations and key information every contractor or homeowner should have before investing in faux exterior stone panels.

Come along as we expose 6 things no one tells you about faux exterior stone panel siding – as well as how to find the perfect brand for your next project!


What to Know About Fake Rock Siding

Fake rock siding with vinyl siding panels

Like any home renovation, it’s wise to do some planning before purchasing products or picking up power tools.

Whether you’ve been thinking about upgrading to faux exterior stone panel siding for a while or you’re just now jumping on board, here are some things to consider when renovating with fake rock siding:

  1. It’s Easy to Install – While the chic look can make you believe fake rock siding is an expensive and extensive installation process, brands that have screw on stone panels make installation so easy – even homeowners can do it!
  2. It Comes in a Variety of Colors – No matter if your home exterior is currently colorful or nicely neutral, there is an outdoor faux stone panel to pair perfectly with your personal aesthetic! From bright whites to dark gray stone veneers, you can see all the modern colors Affinity Stone offers here.
  3. Some Can be Installed in Any Weather – For areas that experience 4-seasons or frequent rain, there’s nothing worse than having to postpone your exterior faux stone siding installation because of the weather. Unlike traditional mortar, which cannot be applied on wet or extremely hot days, screw on options can be installed in rain, shine, hot, or cold!
  4. The Right One WON’T Fall Off – After the time, money, and potential stress invested in your new outdoor faux stone panel siding, the LAST thing you want is to see those pretty panels fall off your home. The good news is this can be easily avoided by simply selecting the right material at the start (but we’ll get into that more later).
  5. It’s Actually Affordable – If you want to accomplish the lavish look of gorgeous stone siding, but don’t want the costly price tag, fake rock siding is the perfect solution. While the cost to put stone on your house differs depending on many factors, it is within reach for a variety of budgets!
  6. There’s Endless Design Possibilities – Some contractors may make you think you’re limited when it comes to faux exterior stone panels in order to sell you on a higher price point project. However, fake rock siding is versatile and can be cut into almost any size you need! So, whether you want a full-front, just the chimney, or rock post wraps for columns, know that you can.

Looking for some inspiration for your own exterior faux stone siding makeover? Check out our extensive online inspiration gallery!


How to Choose the Best Exterior Faux Stone Siding for Your Home?


Any Google search will show you hundreds of the “best” exterior faux stone siding – that’s why it’s important to be able to tell the scams from the successes!

A high-quality fake rock siding candidate will be able to check all these boxes (and more):

  • Backed by warranty
  • Made and located in USA
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Stays attached to your home
  • Simple screw-in installation
  • Versatile and easy to customize
  • Affordably priced

Looking for a brand we firmly stand behind? Affinity Stone!

See what makes this outdoor faux stone panel manufacturer one of the best in the country, along with where to buy their panels near you.

Outdoor Faux Stone Panel Siding from Affinity Stone!

Remodeling with exterior faux stone siding can be a dream-come-true opportunity. But installing a faulty or low-quality product can feel more like something out of a nightmare in the long run when they start to fade, break, and leak.

At Affinity Stone, we’re proud to be producers of premium architectural stone products in IL.  We brought our 35+ years of combined experience and creativity to create the best faux exterior stone panels options available – and now, we’re bringing it to homes across the country!

Find an Affinity Stone dealer near you and begin designing the home exterior you’ve always wanted. You won’t be disappointed!

Learn more or call now: 217-543-3875

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